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Trilliums finally Bloom

Two weeks make a big spring time difference when you add a little sun. I was so worried about my favorite patch of trilliums at Fauntleroy Park that I went back today.

They are still not up to their glory day of several years ago.  However, compared to my last visit they have really sprung up and bloomed their hearts out.  (here is a link if you want a refresher – March 2017 Trilliums

Trilliums finally blooming – April 2, 2017

To help you compare how far they have come here is the comparison shot.

Trillium patch on Mar 19, 2017.

Add a little dew to a blossom and what do you get? A great flower shot!

Dewey Trillium

The morning sun was making the forest sparkle. I leave you with glowing tree buds.

Sun made the trees sparkle.