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Shamrocks hug Babbling Creek

At the head of Fauntleroy Creek deep inside of the park are several little fingers of the creek. This is where a creek or river begins. Moisture starts to drain towards the creek and forms small ribbons of rippling water.

For many years near a small foot bridge built, this patch of shamrocks have flourished. They overlook one of those fingers of the creek and bloom little white flowers in the spring.

Shamrock flowers bursting with good luck

The sun was coming and going this day. Playing peek-a-boo with the sweet greenness under the forest canopy. If you look close you will see the creek bubbling by the patch. Listen closely and you might hear the tinkle of the water flowing over small rocks.

No wonder these shamrocks have honored the stream for years with their presence and beauty.

Beam of sunlight and the creek bubbling along


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Spring Forest Jewels

This past couple of weeks while wandering around my local forested parks I have encountered some loveliness.  The first one is a Camellia blossom with a dewiness about it.

Pink and dripping with moisture that glistens

Then there is the old standard that I write about each spring – the Trillium.  This one has started to age and has gone from pure white to this lovely pinky purple color. She was there in the middle of a wild forest setting just waiting for someone to adore her.

Trillium glorious in her color change over time.

Then we have a more subdued flower. She is all green and maybe just a bud that will turn into something more brilliant. Check out how she has fur or rather is all fuzzy.  How exquisite mother nature was when she created this plant.

Forest Fuzzy Ball
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Glorious Fauntleroy Park Trilliums

I am so happy to report that the trillium patch in Fauntleroy Park is looking spectacular this year. They are not quite to the glory of 5 years ago but at least they seem to have stop declining.

We had a heavy snow this year and then the last couple of weeks have been very spring like. Warmed up so much that on the last day of winter it broke all records with upper 70s. This must have had a huge impact on the patch. Lots of water from the snow and then warmth to make them bud.

The patch is looking strong – 3/31/19

On the path have always been two little plants that seem to have escaped the patch. Some years they get trampled so I decided to build something that would alert walkers to them.

I walked onward to see how the bouquet trilliums looked like. I was not disappointed with them either.

The trillium bouquet family 3/31/19

If you want to see more about the trilliums over the years in my West Seattle Park, go to this link:

Trillium Patches over the Years

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Slumber after the Rain

A little rear garden called to me yesterday at the estate sale I attended. I had already bought my ephemera but forgot to go out back. Instead of finding something else to buy I was put into a camellia trance.

Come with me through the garden gate to enjoy their beauty even after the rain had driven them to the ground. You see camellias are so fragile. Their time on the bush seems to be only days and a little rain browns them. Some would say them blemish but their litter is like a carpet of flowers. It always lifts my spirits at the beginning of spring.

Flowers litter the walkway thru the garden gate

The house was lovely in its own way. It is probably close to 100 years old and all red brick.

Home with garden of delights

My enchantment brought me to a couple of special flowers. First is the “blemished” one. She is all brown and creamy. No longer white. I thought she was more perfect in her end resting place than she would ever be on the bush.

Flower’s final resting place is so lovely

Then next to the house was this white flower. She looks like she is still on the bush and a little wind must have sent her onto the rocks up against the house. She is in her glory still.

Glorious on the rocks

Then there is the pinkness around the corner. The ground was full of hot pink in many stages of life. I leave you with this pair of blossoms to make you dream of springs delights.

Hot Pink Camellia Pair on patio
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Trilliums do it AGAIN!

It is year six of my Fauntleroy Trillium watching and documenting. Just a small science project that makes me smile every year.

I knew it was looking good since I saw flowers in some of the remote spots along the way to the big patch. As I rounded the bend the few that grew along the trail were there!

Trilliums on the trail – patch is to the right

Then there is the patch of 2018. Not too shabby.

Trillium Patch – March 31, 2018

Check out 2017’s photo to see how they are doing.

Trilliums finally blooming – April 2, 2017

As I wound around the trail to the next batch I have been tracking I ran into a troop of happy Easter celebrators.  They had a party in the grass area of the park and were in a great uplifting mood.

I was able to share with them the story of the Wake Robin (aka Trillium).

Here is what the bouquet looks like this year.

2018 Trillium Bouquet

And of course here is last years.

Trillium Bouquet 2017

This year the salmon-berries were shedding petals which I captured in a trillium close up. Nothing like nature to show us how it is done.

Trillium with Salmon berry petals – 2018 Spring is here

Want to see more about these two patches?  Here is a link to my 2016 post showing photos from 2012.

Trilliums in Fauntleroy Park thru the years