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Fall Forest Fungus

Today I came across for the second time a small patch of large mushrooms at Fauntleroy Park. After some research I think these are called Shaggy Parasols (scientific names are Chlorophyllum rhacodes and the Chlorophyllum brunneum).

The article I read said they are edible but can cause gastric problems for some if not cooked properly. Plus they do look like the mushroom that poisons more people than any other.  This convinced me that my instinct to not eat them was the best move.

So, let us enjoy their visual beauty versus the stew pot.

Here is my shaggy Parasol on the forest floor
Get a little closer to this big shroom.
A Shaggy Parasol up super close so you can see it’s shaggyness
A younger Shaggy Parasol not fully extended