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Just Black & White – Murals

After a week away, here is my latest Cee’s Black & White Challenge – Murals.  

This series of photos date back to 2007 when I went to visit Schmitz Preserve Park in Seattle and found urban art under the Admiral Way bridge.

When I returned several years later they had been painted over with ugly tags.  I wrote a blog post at that point showing how beautiful these murals were compared to the current.

If you want to see the color images and how time is hard on art here is a link – Street Art Eats Itself

Kitty mural peeking out of the bushes
Flower Power climbs the stairs under the bridge
Goldfish floats on a sea of ink watched by grumpy man
Goddess urban art mural
Dark Girl stares out at us and says “The End is Near”

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Just Black & White

Crow Dreaming of Ruling the World

Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week is Isolated Objects. I dug around in my crow pictures because does not crow say black & white?  Hope you enjoy my feathered friends.

Crow watches the Surf flow by him
King Crow surveys his domain!

Want more of Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge or maybe want to join in the fun?  Here is the link for your viewing pleasure. Cee’s B&W Isolated Objects

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Just Black & White

This week the topic of the Cee’s Black and White Challenge is Horns.

Motorcycle Horn

The back story to this series of photos is I was asking my husband if we had any horns in the house.  I was wracking my brain for some deer horns. He goes “I have what you need”. Back in our shed behind the door was a motorcycle horn that he tells me belonged to an old Harley Davidson.  I think maybe the 30s or 40s.

So… there you go!  It became a family project including the photos. He played director and had me pose the cat and his decorative knife with it.  Hope you enjoy the results.

You can find all of the submissions at this link:  Cee’s Black & White Photos Challenge – Horns

Horn photo in deep contrast
Harley Horn fighting off Knife
Best resting place is on my Dad’s Horn!!