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Glorious Fauntleroy Park Trilliums

I am so happy to report that the trillium patch in Fauntleroy Park is looking spectacular this year. They are not quite to the glory of 5 years ago but at least they seem to have stop declining.

We had a heavy snow this year and then the last couple of weeks have been very spring like. Warmed up so much that on the last day of winter it broke all records with upper 70s. This must have had a huge impact on the patch. Lots of water from the snow and then warmth to make them bud.

The patch is looking strong – 3/31/19

On the path have always been two little plants that seem to have escaped the patch. Some years they get trampled so I decided to build something that would alert walkers to them.

I walked onward to see how the bouquet trilliums looked like. I was not disappointed with them either.

The trillium bouquet family 3/31/19

If you want to see more about the trilliums over the years in my West Seattle Park, go to this link:

Trillium Patches over the Years

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Sea View Hall – Alki History Trail

Not far from the old Alki Elementary School and Weather Watch Park is one of three remaining log homes of the Alki area.  This is the Sea View Hall which was built in 1905.

Alki History Trail – #8 stop in brochure

The Alki area at the turn of the century was not what it is today. In those days it was a get away place with beach houses and small resorts. Seattleites that wanted to escape from the busy rebuilding of the town after the fire of 1889 would go out to enjoy the beach and quiet wilderness. Here is a photo I found on Paul Dorpat’s blog and a link to more info.

Paul Dorpat article on Sea View Hall

The other two remaining log cabins are the West Seattle Log House Museum and the Bernard Mansion (long the Homestead Restaurant). It’s logs mostly came from the beach and were built in a vertical position versus the more common horizontal method. The long gone Stockade Hotel was also built with vertical logs. We will discuss the hotel in more details on stop #14. However it has long been gone so no “then” photos.

The top photo is how you see it from the street now. The next couples are of the side showing the small brick garage or play area and then the back if you drive up the hill.

Sea View Hall showing it’s vertical log structure
See the small rock room added on?  It is a garage now.
Sea View Hall backside

If you are interested in seeing more of this lovely lodge you can periodically see it during home tours.  Better yet, it is for rent by the day and sleeps 10. If you find that rental site you can see more current photos too!!

Follow along on the trail by going to this directory of all 24 stops on the Alki History Trail at this link. I will be posting new articles as I sort through my existing photos and go walking for more. —-> Trekking the Alki History Trail 




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Call of the Raven in Fauntleroy Park

Here I was standing at the over view of the Fauntleroy Creek Ravine. It is like being in the treetops up here. Maples, Cedar and Douglas Fir are almost touchable… at least that is the illusion you have.

Then a rather large black bird flew into one of the maples right in my sight line. At first I figured it was a crow but under a little examination of the beak, I realized it was a Raven.

He was babbling to himself a bit and then launched into their signature croaking caw. It echoed in the ravine. It was delightful. The following video is what I captured.  Be sure to have your speakers turned up so you can enjoy the Call of the Raven.

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Crow Dreams

To be a crow. I sat in the woods looking over the treetops from a bluff. I dreamed of soaring as a crow among the fir and maple.

I would chase my family in a form of tail grab tag. Then play a mobbing game to see who can fly the closest to an owl or eagle in a tree glaring at us. We would watch for snacks such as roadkill or human garbage. Of course there is the old fashion natural stuff like berries, nuts, little crabs, grass and whatever we can forage for.

As the day ends we gather in huge murders and fly towards the setting sun. We sit in trees like ornaments on a Christmas tree all facing the sunset.

Renton Crows come to Roost at dusk
Renton Crows come to Roost at dusk

We say our prayers to the sun and mother nature as darkness forms. At night we huddle close in the big roost protecting each other with our warmth and numbers.

Come spring we return to stay in our home territories. There we pick the best tree our status can attain. Then we raise a family with the help of our older children and extended family. Our babies have blue eyes and act goofy learning to be crow.

I'm like a puppy all legs & beak
I’m like a puppy all legs & beak

Humans are a puzzle to us. Some throw things at us and act like idiots who own the world when they don’t. Others feed us and make sounds of endearment.

So, as I sat in the park I soared above the trees and tried to think of being black. Of being above the world. Of family. Of the world. Life is hard at times but when you see the treetops your heart grows and life is good.

May the holidays bring you crow vision to weather life’s storms and know the love of all the world.