Crow Crazy

Mt Rainier with the new, the old and the wild!

This blog began in 2010 as my personal journey to befriend the local Crows and learn more about their families and behavior.

Serendipity came into my life as I spent this time with the crows. They showed me that you may start on a journey with a destination in mind.  However, life has a way of bringing surprises and unexpected detours.  Learning to flow with life’s rhythm can bring so much more to ones adventures and discoveries.

Why crows you ask? It all started in 2006 when I saved a baby crow from the cat across the street.  We named her Ellie and she lived in our shed till she was big enough to get around.   She won our hearts quickly with her play and love for us.   Her parents never were far either.  They knew they couldn’t help her once she fell out of the nest that day. The time came that another crow came and courted her.   They were so cute and then she flew away.

Several years ago I became fascinated with how King County had a century ago many big coal mines.  Many of them are now buried and forgotten under our feet.  I set out to find them and document what I find.  Then I tripped upon the area called Cedar Mountain and where the New Black Diamond Mines existed.  It’s forgotten history called me to work at sorting out a place forgotten by many.

Today’s Crows of Arroyos is a mix of my history research and visits to those historical sites, natural phenomenon and my beloved crows.

So this blog is now not just about the crows. Join me in opening your eyes to the real world around us. Remember Times are a changing.  Blink and all will be changed. Literally, a town can disappear!


  1. I keep asking myself “why crows?”, but I guess the answer is “why not?”. They’re abundant, intelligent and really, very beautiful. Makes for a well focused blog, and gives your walks a purpose (always helpful, in my mind). It looks amazing, where you live, good habitat for all, I think? Thanks for dropping by yesterday.

    • The story really began when I saved a baby crow from a cat & we raised her. What a precious gift that was before she flew away. So, you could say I got the crow bug then. It just took me a few years to find the blog as a way to track my obseravations.

      Hope you join the crow crazy crowd. Thanx r

  2. I found your blog today. I can’t wait to see more. I caught the crow bug a few months ago when I got into the habit of walking my dog and watching crows fly all over my neighborhood. They are so cute and I love their little caws. I constantly annoy my sister with this little obsession, pointing them out when they fly by and cooing over how cute they are. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Batgurrl. We met you on the Green River Trail at the bridge near S. 180th street. Nice blog and we share your love of crows, and other bird and animals. The crows in our garden are smart enough to call out when the neighbor’s cat is in our yard so I can chase the cat away.
    Keep up the great work and I hope to meet you on the trails sometime.

    • So glad we met. I got going the right direction on the trail cause of you two. Crows are special and so smart. Friend for life if you treat them right r

      • Your information is much appreciated. I have worked for King County Parks for over 30 years ands have found a few mining relics you may be interested in. For years, I thought I was the only one poking around in the woods of SE King County looking for old coal mine workings. Best regards!

      • HI again… I just got back from where King Co has a park on the Cedar River – I call it Cedar Mtn cause that is where some of the mines were. Another seeker and I did some digging and unearthed where the scale house used to be. It was pretty exciting for us.

        What kind of info do you have to share? If an email address is easier to send it let me know and I can give you mine. Happy digging

      • Your can please send me an email, I’ve found some old mine workings at Durham + Cedar Mountain and Fire King. Also part of the original platform which carried coal cars over Coal Creek to Lake Washington. I also have found one of the huge ore buckets which was on the tramway behind the Indian Coal Mine.

      • Please send me an email — also if your OK with it you can call me at (206) 841-6050. My late father taught Washington State history for almost 30 years and I guess I inherited the interest from him. I have also been through a couple of abandoned hard rock copper mines in the Sultan and Index areas.

        Best regards, Anthony

    • is live! Thank you! The photo got heavily cropped in this first go-around, but it still looks beautiful!!

  4. I have all sorts of critters in my yard, including crows. I recently have one missing a foot. Any idea how this happened? He is never with other crows. Actually keeps his distance.Seems afraid. Any ideas?

    • How wonderful to have a menagerie.

      On your poor crow. He probably went into another crow family territory. They can be very aggressive during breeding season. And yes they go for the feet. Have seen lame ones several times and actually use that to track specific crows.

      So be tender with him. He needs to find his crow family in time. They do amazingly well with one foot or a crippled one.

      Take care!!

      • Thank you for responding so quickly. Why do none of the other crows want anything to do with him? He flies off if they’re around.

  5. Maybe he got separated from his family and can’t find him. The crows in your area are just letting him know he needs to go home. But can he? In time maybe they will accept him.

    Or he comes to your house cause he knows he can get something tasty. Then he goes home to his clan who are people poor. While he is in your yard your resident crows say Hey you don’t belong here.

    Lot of territory and family things going on here. Does he leave the area at dusk and fly in a certain direction? You could follow and see where he goes.

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