Tyee High School Mascot Inventory – Non Pole Items

This article concentrates on the non-totem pole items of Tyee High School mascot history. It is part of an ongoing project I have undertaken to assist with the mascot change from Totems to Titans. Here is my general introduction to this process.

Our High School will be changing it’s mascot from Totems to Titans in an effort to be more respectful of our indigenous people of the area. The class of 2022 will be the last class under the old Totem mascot.

This article is an inventory of the totems that were donated and used by students over the approximately 60 years of life at Tyee High School.

May this be helpful in finding an appropriate home for these relics such as a museum or with one of the local tribes.

Lastly, if you find I have misstated something or have additional information please use the comments section at the bottom. Then I can work with you to update the inventory and article.

Batgurrl – Robin Adams (Foster) Class of 1971 Tyee Senior High School

Updated May 31, 2022

The three articles on Tyee Mascots and the links are:

  • Tyee High School Totems Mascot History – this is the original blog post that includes info on the totem mascots.
  • Tyee History – a consolidation of all the info collected on how the school was built and other important dates.
  • Tyee Mascot non-totem items – more details on items that carry the Totem theme but were not actual poles. Some still exist and some are missing at this time. (this article)

Now off we go on these wonderful relics from Tyee’s Past.

Tyee Crest

In several yearbooks is this Tyee Crest. It is a lost item and the above photo of it was from the 2003 year book. Was that just an old photo or about 20 years ago it was still around? Do anyone know the location of this relic?

Crest in 1970 Yearbook

The Crest was approved on February 7, 1967. Here is a Smoke Signal with article about the Crest and a proposal to protect the Thunderbird from people walking on it.

1967 Signal announces Crest

The crest is mentioned in the 1967 Yearbook and it documents that it was created and gifted to the school from the class of 1967. Here is a page from that yearbook talking about Tommy, the 12 foot original totem and this Crest. It also explains the meaning of each item on the crest.

We have an early rendering of the crest from the same yearbook.

1967 Annual – Original Crest Drawing

Crest shown in 1970 Homecoming Photo of Queen.

Queen Burrell in 1970 with Crest in background

Crest artwork published to be used in other publications – from 1973 yearbook

Crest with instructions on how to use this for standard program cover design

School Main Sign facing south

Next we have the red metal school sign on the Cafeteria facing 188th. Unsure of the year this was erected On close inspection I believe the letters are from the original wood sign. Anyone know more?

Below this is the original Tyee High School Thunderbird sign from an annual.

65 annual photo of thunderbird Tyee School Sign from Deana Osborn Anderson

Another yearbook photo of this sign but in color

1969 Yearbook – outdoor southern gym side Sign & Totem

Found in 1974 Yearbook that the Totem part of the sign was moved inside to a wall in the gym. photo. Then I found more as the years went by. Here is a slideshow of that.

Totems Mascot Items in Gym

Next a set of items that are next to the scoreboard in the Gym. They include another version of the crest, a framed totem art piece and Alma Mater Poem by Mr. Rants. These items should be added to the list of Totem items to be saved and honored.

Crest and Totem Memorabilia in Gym Next to scoreboard
Close up of Poem and information from Karen Smith
Article from the Signal on the Alma Mater Poem

Here are more photos of these items and some other things in the gym I took when there in May 2022.

Next to the American Flag are several banners commemorating Championships over the years.

In a yearbook is another set of championship banners. Have not found these.

1979 Yearbook – Championship Banners/Flags

In a small side gym is this mural. In my yearbook research I saw several groups posed in front of this.

Mural in old small gym

There was chatter that Tommy or a small totem poles was in the trophy cases. I inspected the cases in the gym and did not find any totem poles. Here is what is in them. Some items might be good material for donation.

Banner and trophy cases in gym

Cafeteria – Inside items

The Cafeteria has a wonderful mural and a sign about the class mascots and meaning.

Class Plaques

From 1978 to 1986 there were Plaques for each class; Senior Thunderbird, Junior Wolf, and Sophomore Bear. I don’t see one made for the Freshman class. I found a series of photos in the yearbook research where the were displayed in different areas but mostly in the gym.

Stray Spirit & Potlatch Items

Came across photos of a few other totems things. None of these exist at the school best I can tell.

First two Potlatch temporary Totem poles.

The next items were spirit poles or other odd items from the past.

Sheets Totem

This pole was never on Tyee Grounds but worth mentioning. Unknown whereabouts of this totem pole. First is an article explaining what it is about.

1965 Smoke Signal Newspaper Article on Sheets Totem Pole

Next is a photo from the 1983 Yearbook. This is the Sheets Totem in full color!

1983 Yearbook – Sheets Totem (not at Tyee)

Art Work in Office

This art work was donated by the 1995 class. Two pieces are in the office lobby and two are in the libaray This artwork is valuable and is managed by Highline District.

Contemporary Native American Art
Close up of Donation infomation

Tyee Reader Sign Board

Another item is the Tyee Sign board which was used to publish important dates. Here are views of the original under construction in 1970 and the current one:

Sign completed in the first decade of the school

Commemorative Markers

There are two of these erected on the Tyee Campus. One is remembrance of 9/11 heroes and the other is a spirit item to commemorate the 2004 class work with the Red Cross.

I have taken a school map sign published next to the main entrance on the SE side and added notes on where these two items sit.

Map of Commemorative Markers locations

The 9/11 marker is a Peace Garden marker on the West side of the school.

The Spirit Rock is a piece of pink granite somewhat buried in the vegetation between the 300 & 600 buildings next to the East Parking lot. It was hard to get a complete photo and will get a better one when I return to campus.


That is what we have gathered on our Tyee High School Totem Mascots. Thank you to all who have helped with photos and history information.

Are we missing other items like another Totem, Banners or Sports related items? Please send me anything else you have, additional information on the above items or corrections to what I have included.

Be sure to visit the the two other articles – History and Miscellaneous Mascot Items.

These relics could make a meaningful exhibit that explains how times have changed and honors our past mascots as well.


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