Drought of Many Things

This summer here in Seattle has been a dry one. At my own little backyard cosmos I estimate we went for 90 days without hardly a drop of rain.

Another form of drought had taken me in her grip. That would be a writing drought. I would say to myself I am busy with other life things like family, garden, hiking and learning Spanish. However, it was a bit more deep than that. I lost my will to share my adventures and thoughts. Why? I have asked myself that but I never seem to answer.

Yesterday out of the blue I decided to walk from my house through the neighborhood to an old favorite park of mine. It had been months since being there. I told myself I was bored with it after going there for over 20 plus years and had other sights to see. Change happens sometimes at a crawl and this absence snuck up on me. So off I went to walk the streets and trails of my last couple of decades. No expectations except to get outside and enjoy the changing seasons.

A leaf art show reminds us how Fall is nearly here

To my surprise I found my mojo. How did that happen? Not sure except a bit of magic captured me yesterday.

On my way out of the woods I had to visit my little cedar tree I had saved a couple years ago. She is doing just fine at about 2 feet high now. Here is what she looked like before I transplanted her several years ago and in her new spot looking very happy.

Bear Baby with her tag still on to protect her.
Baby Bear is doing well despite being far from her guardian namesake

Upward towards the cedar grove I hiked. This enchanted forest of cedars was still there with no one flung to the grounds by random wind gusts. A bit dry but all were accounted for.

Bear the guardian tree was looking good. I decided to gather a few random rocks and spell love at his tree trunk base. A little pagan alter to the forest gods.

Bear showing his face to the world

After that I went around to where I often sit at Bear’s back and absorb the world of cedars. To my delight as I did that a little magic happened.

I heard a Raven chuckle and then a call. Black wings flew over the glen. Usually, with bird things the call and flight pass over with no time for a photo. Instead this Raven landed in a tree within sight. With my trusty camera I captured a few fussy and random shots of him. No perfect piece of photography but that was not what was magical in this moment. It was his visit to me when I needed a bit of nature love/magic.

I then started to leave the forest but was distracted by more Raven calls and clucking in the woods south of the cedar grove. I stomped around looking for this black beauty but was only serenaded by his chatter. As I burst thru a row of trees to get back on the trail I found a little gnome just waiting for me.

Just a little gnome surprise to make one smile

Not just one but a pair were guarding this trail to delight young and old.

A second garden visitor bearing flowers was not far from his gnome friend

They succeeded along with the talkative Raven to magically bring the words back to my humble Blog.

Thank you all for bearing with my never ending musings, wanderings and odd obsessions that dot my 10 years of blogging. Batgurrl aka Robin


  1. Robin, thank you for sharing this touching prose. I can relate to your connectedness. Dorothy PS: I have gotten into geocaching since I saw you last spring (at Lake Desire) and wonder if you cache.

    • How did you know I was thinking of you. I am going to send you some scoop I found in the last day or so when I went rouge into the Nike Site.

      And no I don’t cache but have found a few by accident. Take care my friend!!!

  2. Looking back on this post… I really got my mojo back. A couple months after this post a freind asked me to help find Veazie. OMG – I am now immersed in that place and finding so many new ones that I am really busy again. Hope you all enjoy my blog and get inspired by it.

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