Cool River to Soothe a Hot Day

This week before the heat wave hit Seattle I went to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park on the Green River. The river flows on two sides of the park. This section is just upriver from the Green River Gorge which cuts through a marvelous canyon. A lot of folks river raft in the area and the map cautions non-experienced rafters to exit at the last landing in this park. Danger lays ahead for those who do not heed this warning.

It was a perfect low 70s day for hiking a couple of miles. From the parking lot I followed a short trail to the river. Long before it came into sight you could hear it rumbling over rocky rapids.

Water rushing has a sound that we all love

Yes you heard children laughing in the background. It was not crowded but this little pack of them were enjoying the rocky shore and the thrill of the river.

Little sandy beach surrounded by river rock

If you look the opposite direction you will see a picturesque river scene with the sound of rumbling water in the background.

Green River headed towards the gorge

I got back on a trail that skirts along the river bank. Sometimes it is up on a high bank and others it is near the water’s edge. Little side trails tempt one to investigate and enjoy different peeks of the river.

As I wound along I came to a place where some cliffs were forming on the opposite shore.

Rocky cliff and big rocks in river too

Then I saw the sign that was a bit weathered but still gets the message across. It was a big red thing warning all boaters!!!

Basically get the hell off the river NOW!!

Back to the main trail and more investigating. Soon I came to a place that must be one of the very last safe haven for boaters before the gorge. It was so peaceful and lovely compared to the raging river ahead. I lingered quite awhile to enjoy this peaceful moment.

Calm river water reflects the forest and sky

It was so nice and shady. As I write this I imagine someone is there today escaping the city heat today.

Shady trees surround our calm beach on the Green River

Onward I went on the trail which soon came out at a parking area for those that are dragging their boats out of the river. Plus anyone who wants to enjoy the forest, river and coolness.

I went back towards the river to investigate a trail that continued following along the river. I found a rocky knoll that was way up above the turn in the river and the last exit. The best photo of the day came from this viewpoint.

The calm before the storm on the Green River

Hope this was a little refreshing moment on a hot summer day!

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