Just Petals

Went to Kubota Gardens recently to check on my yarn art installation. Was mesmerized by the multitude of petals just ripe for photography. Hope this gives you a little spring zing!!

A Camilla shed her children into a slow moving pond
Serene Floatingness

Enjoy the slow dance these cast away blossoms are having with each other.

Pure Pinkness
Fiery Red Reflection

Had enough pink yet? Time to switch to a sea of blue and purple.

Photo taken laying on the ground

Back to pink!! Petals scattered by time and the wind for us.

Shedding flowers litter the pathway
Peeking thru the leaves to more pink ground

Lastly, what I came for! How was my yarn art installation doing after 10 months?

Hope this gave you a little peace and serenity from your busy day.

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