Coal Creek Hotel Trash

This week I returned to the Newcastle coal mining historical district. I met my partner in crime Alan who had his metal detector while I have my trusty cameras. We talked and then parted ways while I went down to the shack above the ravine. This is my second trip to investigate it. My first was in 2017 and now I have a ton more info.

Today though we are going to talk about the garbage dump area that Alan pointed out to me along a creek that bordered the old Hotel.

Thank you to Alan for finding this great photo of the hotel & as usual Renton Museum is wonderful

I am not 100% sure the creek was there 100 years ago. In the past dumping was an opportunistic activity. A little creek ravine made a handy place. – or- Perhaps the creek was diverted to this area when they improved the road. Then it started to cut thru the pile of debris that resided there for decades.

Aerial of area – Coal Creek Hotel was where the red square is. I got down to the creek approximately where the red arrow is.

Here is a little photo of the actual creek. As Alan had told me there is pottery, bottles and old pots scattered along the way.

Let us start with a few photos of the items I found. These things have limited markings and will give you the flavor of the area.

I shot a video which is a bit grainy but gives you an idea of all the debris laying around in this creek.

Now the exciting stuff! Some items with markings that I can research and date.

First we have that green blue bottle with a beveled bottom, writing on it & no top. It is from Pacific Puget Sound Bottling Company. Here is one that is held by MOHAI. The item they have has the following info around our bottle.

Pacific & Puget Sound Bottling Company was located on the corner of Minor Avenue and Stewart Street in Seattle as early as 1908. The bottle is dated between 1908 and 1920.

Here are the photos of our bottle in the creek and held up to show the writing. It was difficult to capture the writing. It is in a flat format vs the arch style I saw in samples found in my research.

Pacific Puget Sound Bottling Seattle Wash blue-green bottle with top broken off

Next we have a broken bowl. This piece of white institutional ware is about 3/4 there and I was able to see the back stamp or maker’s marks. Check it out.

Edwin M. Knowles China Co Bowl found in creek behind Coal Creek Hotel

Here is what I found about this company. According to a web site called Nancy’s Collectables – Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 7:

In 1900 Edwin Knowles started a pottery in Chester, W. Virginia known as Knowles China Company. The plant manufactured such semi-porcelain items as: toilet-ware, kitchenware, dinnerware, and some specialties. They were on the market by 1901. In 1913, an additional plant was built in Newell, W. Virginia. In 1931, the Chester plant was sold to Harker and in 1963 the Newell plant was closed.

From the 1920’s to 1929-1930 and then returned in 1939 for a few years — The vase with the words “Vitreous” (white institutional ware) or “Semi-Vitreous”.

The first two digits of the number found under many of Knowles pieces indicate the year it was made.

This tells us that our broken bowl is from around the 1920s. However, it could be even earlier if we use the numbers on the bottom. The first two digits are 16 which I interrupt as 1916. Here are a few more photos of this bowl found in the creek behind the historical long gone hotel at the Newcastle Coal Creek historical coal mining area.

We have one last item with a back stamp. Twice I have tried to find any info on this Ohio marking to no avail. However, there is hope. I found a site that will take a picture and info. They will investigate and perhaps add it to their web site for others.

Half Bowl with Ohio in a blue diamond found in dump behind now gone coal mine camp hotel

That is it for the pottery and bottles I quickly photographed behind the old Coal Creek Hotel. As usual, I wish I had more photos and time. Will have to go back with a shovel too.

Stay tuned for more on my recent trip to Coal Creek Historical area. Have a lot to share about the shack on the hill behind the gate on my next post.

Shoot me any questions or better yet any information you have to add. This is a never ending deep dig into 100 years of old coal mine history.

Remember Times are a changing. Blink and all will be changed. Literally, a town can disappear! You can find more articles at – Locating Lost Old Coal Mines of King County

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  1. […] Then I went back just recently when Alan B told me he was going on a Saturday. While he metal detected the area, I investigated the Shack & Bricks again. Plus went down to the creek behind the long gone Hotel. That creek has debris from the Hotel’s dump that I documented in a prior article -> Coal Creek Hotel Trash. […]

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