Waterfall Therapy

Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was a day we will never forget. A riot occurred in Washington DC that overtook the Capitol Building while the Congress was counting the Electoral College Votes. What a mess!!!

I was in need of some nature therapy the next day and decided to go to Olallie State Park where one can hike to Twin Falls. This is a group of 6 waterfalls for a total drop of 230 feet with a spectacular lower fall of 135 feet of water pouring over rock. Come along and bask in a little nature.

As soon as I got out of my truck at the trailhead I could hear the river. We have had rain storm after storm these last couple of weeks. Today was a little break in the atmospheric river aka the Pineapple Express that was lashing the Pacific Northwest. Right away the trail was following a roaring river.

South Fork of Snoqualmie River close to Twin Fall trailhead

This little video I took is more about the sound. Let it wash over you like it did me on Thursday. This sound was always there on my hike. Nothing like the sound of water on rocks to soothe the soul.

Sounds of the River is Therapeutic

It was a misty damp place and moss grew all around us on the trail.

The trail was a challenge at times with lots of rocks and other obstacles. My trekking pole came in handy and one had to watch where you step all the time. Along the way exposed roots were prevalent. All of this is courtesy of the river when it overflows it’s banks and the many footsteps to seek the waterfalls.

The river was always there. Sometimes you could almost touch it but others it was down at the bottom of a cliff as the trail wound upward.

River and big rock framed by trees
Looking down into the river below as it gushed to the coast

Lot of rocks to see. They are in the river, on the side of the river and in the hills around us. Most are slippery. Used to climb up on things like this but have gotten smarter in my old age and usually do not even attempt.

After climbing up a hill the trail brings one to a viewpoint of the falls. They are in the distance but due to that huge lower fall of 135 feet it is breathtaking. A fellow traveler on the falls and I discussed the cave at the bottom and if one could climb down there. When we looked closer we decided it was a suicide trip to try. Maybe in the summer when the water was lower but certainly not today.

First View of Twin Falls – check out the trail bridge above and the cave below
Nothing like a zoomed in photo!

My goal is that bridge. Lets get hiking!!

Water and rocks are a challenge but they won’t stop us.
Looking back at some staircases and guard rails. Plus we are surrounded by huge boulders.
More walkways and big rocks along the way

Then I was there!! And it was so worth every bit of climbing, hiking and trekking. It is also more complicated with the Covid protocol of insuring ones mask is up and finding space to allow others space to safely pass.

From the bridge you can see the middle falls. Read up on this batch of falls called twin falls. There are three sets of two falls. One is further up the trail that I did not go see. This next pair are considered the middle falls. The biggest of all you saw in the distance falls is the lower falls.

Here is the bridge – Looks tame?
View downstream – see how the lower falls is invisible up here
Turn around and one sees the middle falls.
Looking down one can see the cut of the gorge’s depth. Photo does not really give one perspective of the heights off the bridge.
That upper falls gave a little show of spray and mist. That is rock in the background not tree branches.

Video does a much better job of sharing the experience.

On the way up to the bridge I saw a staircase that went down the cliff face. I decided to check it out on the way back and it was so worth it.

Looking back up the staircase at the halfway point

Downward I went carefully holding the hand rail. It was a bit slippery and worn from age. Then I saw the viewpoint. Oh My God!! One is now hanging over the huge lower falls.

Twin Falls biggest fall from dramatic viewpoint
View down river from our perch on the side of the mountain
Nothing like the sound and sight of a horsetail falls

This is what WaterfallsNorthwest.com says about this beauty.

Finally the big drop, a curvaceous 135 foot horsetail that slams into an undercut cliff face as it veils down a very bulbous protrusion of rock.

The falls are so big it is hard to get it all in one photo and here is where a video not only brings sound but a good perspective of her size.

Here are some more photos and be sure to check out the cave. Remember how we talked earlier about finding a way to get there. Didn’t think it was a good idea then and now know it is impossible with this much water flowing.

Close up look at the many tails on this fall
The pool at the bottom of the 135 foot drop
The Cave full of logs and debris – Imagine the power it took to get it all there

What else is there to say but it was magical!!

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