Crow Thanksgiving Bounty at the Creek

On Turkey Day I decided to take a walk to the beach next to the Ferry Dock. In the past I have documented the crows and their bathing spot at Fauntleroy Creek as it enters Puget Sound. The little park comes to the beach on the north end. Here is what one can see; Dock, Ferry, Blake Island, driftwood and a bit of park art.

Crow hangs out with Raven Art
Which is real? Tough to tell!!

They used to have a great beach spot right where the creek entered the beach on the south side of the ferry dock to Vashon and Southworth. Then it would flow either under or along the side of the dock to the salt water of the sound.

Over the course of the November storms the crow play area became covered in driftwood.

Driftwood over Fauntleroy Creek and under the Ferry Dock
Crow Bathing Beach is under all these logs

This forced the stream under the dock and to exit on the north side. It carved a new long bed where low tide had exposed the sandy beach. This is where I found the flock having a Thanksgiving Party.

Follow along with this video of the creek with me to see all the shenanigans these corvids are getting into.

Then another human appeared and the crows took offence to him. I kind of wondered if he has shooed them away before because of the way they reacted. When I had approached they moved away a few feet. Then went right back to their fun time when I got far enough away. He only had to start walking over and they all flew to the other side of the dock.

It was time to go so I wandered back under the dock to exit the little park. When I got to the other side I could see half the flock was back in the creek having fun again. The other half were just hanging with their friends and family on the other side. I took a few pictures of them that shows off the dock and the old bathing site.

Looking south under the ferry dock. Can you hear the cars rumbling above?
Peeking at the crows in this pretty dock framed picture.
They had a great holiday just like us humans


  1. This is really great. Loved watching them, busy, always busy in one way or another. Interesting to see how the females tend to gather together, looking under things – a thing the males never do.
    Loved it.

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