Ernie H Foster Jr World War II Veteran

Veterans Day was a few days ago and I realized that I never honored my Dad for his service in World War II.

EH Foster Jr Air Force Photo WWII

I don’t have a lot of dates except that he enlisted when he was 19 in Los Angeles, CA on July 8, 1941. He joined the Army Air Corp and his civilian job had been fireman. Thus he became a fireman first at Moffett Field. I know that because this photo of my Dad with his fire truck says it is at Moffett Field. Plus the big hanger in the background that was used for blimps is a dead give away too.

EH Foster Jr Air Force with Fire Truck at Moffett Field CA

According to Wiki Moffett Field was in a tug of war between the Navy and the Army. In April 1942 it was returned to the Navy. About this time I assume Dad was transferred to Clovis Army Air Base. Wiki says the following about Clovis New Mexico Airport. To add to that, in 1957 Clovis was renamed to Cannon Air Force Base. (Just in case you want to look up the base)

After the United States entered World War II, the first military unit to use the facility was a glider detachment. On 6 July 1942 the base was assigned to Second Air Force. In 1943, the military began to use the facility as a bomber base. Clovis AAF was assigned to II Bomber Command, Second Air Force. On 8 April 1943, the base was renamed Clovis Army Air Field. The host unit at Clovis AAF was the 16th Bombardment Wing, a training unit for Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber crews for Europe. The 16th Bomb Wing arrived in January 1943.

I know for sure he stayed a fireman for the Air Corp because here is a picture of him fighting a fire at Clovis. He is on the roof with a white arrow pointing him out.

Clovis Air Force Base NM, 1944 EHF Jr on Roof (arrow)

While stationed there he met my mother Evelyn Morris. She had enlisted in 1943 into the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp and assigned to Clovis. There the WAACs were recognized by become part of Army later in the year. Here is a link to an article and photos of her journey. Evelyn Morris Foster WWII Veteran

They were married while still in the military and this photo shows them both in uniform. Not sure who the babies are since my Brother was born in 1947 after they left the left the military.

EH Foster Jr & Evelyn Morris Foster – possibly Long Beach CA- date & kids unkwn

I leave you with one last photo of my dad in his uniform posing with his dad Ernest H Foster Sr and his uncle Foy Foster.

L-R Foy Foster (Sr’s Brother), Ernie Jr & Ernie Foster Sr in CA

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