Three Lakes Loop Trail Autumn Wonder

Tis the season to get out for a hike and enjoy the beauty of fall. Thursday was forecasted to be dry so I put on my boots and checked out a trail called Three Lakes Loop. It winds between Lake Desire, Spring Lake and Shady Lake. I checked out Desire & Spring but Shady was a side trip so I decided to come back another day.

Took the North piece of the trail and arrived at Lake Desire. Well I actually walked past the public access area. When the main trail changed to a major uphill climb I knew the little side trails must be where I needed to go. The map said the trail ended here. Obviously the trail continue as a shortcut to Echo Peak and there was no pretty maintained lake access that I had imagined.

Down the first of two trails I went and this is what I saw.

Looking northwest on Lake Desire. The boat ramp is off to the right and not as pretty a place.
The ducks were cutting across the smooth surface.

Check out how this close up of the first photo shows an almost mirror like reflection in the lake.

The South end of Lake Desire.

Ahhhh what a pretty view it was. However, this little public access spot is not the developed pretty bit of grass you would imagine.

Lake Desire access with pallets to keep one out of the mud.

I got all my great shots by standing out there on those pallets. Wonder what happens when the lake’s level rises with a heavy rain? Bet it is all floating and underwater.

There was another trail to investigate and it was just as undeveloped at the lake. No pallets but no pretty grass with picnic tables neither.

Pretty view through the trees at Lake Desire
This area had more water plants and a duck came paddling by
Floating log and stick mirror image

At this second spot there was a very large old red cedar tree. I had to lean against him for a bit and just take in the ambiance of the lake, the little creatures rustling in the bushes and looked up into the cedar’s crown.

Red Cedar thriving beside Lake Desire

Off I went to the South Three Lake Loop Trail. On the way there I crossed the outflow of Lake Desire and captured this bit of boggy creek kind of place. Eventually this drains into the Spring Lake marsh and drainage area.

Southern end of Lake Desire creating a little creek

The trail was much better over here and followed along the southwest side of the little creek that came from Lake Desire. It was ablaze in yellow and orange vine maples contrasting against large red cedar trees. Check it out.

Vine Maple in it’s autumn glory
Fall Leaves always make good photos
Mossy arch over the trail welcomes the traveler into this wonderland

Then we have what I call a Natural Stain Glass Window.

Cedar Tree and Fall Color make a wonderful mosaic

Eventually I came to where the trail bordered the marsh attached to Spring Lake. It had a landscape of bog, an old forest and a pond with lily pads.

Marsh and bog intruding into the forest

I had parked at the Spring Lake public access for non-motorized boats. I had to wander down to the water and check out the view.

Spring Lake untamed southern end

The reflection of the fall colors was spectacular. Check out this mini slide show.

Glad you could join me for a lovely autumn walk. Hope it gave you a little distraction from all the stress of 2020.

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