Small Wren telling Everyone How Big he IS!!

Seattle was buzzing with outside activity after days & days of forest fire smoke. We were ranked as one of the top three bad air cities in the world. It rained yesterday and washed it away so we went from Very Unhealthy (purple) of around 275 AQI (Air Quality Index) to Good (Green) of 21 in the course of 9 days.

The birds in the neighborhood had disappeared by the 3rd day.  The only time we saw them was when they went to the bird feeder and bath.

Yesterday as it was raining there was a happy sound coming from the hedge.  The little birds were singing their hearts out in jubilation it was gone.

Today on my walk I heard this little wren & soon located him in a red maple tree. Took a few still photos which are a bit blurry since he was in constant motion belting out his song.

The best shot is when he turned to me and showed off his big white eyebrows!!  He looks just like a little old man.

Bewick’s Wren showing off his best old man imitation.

Leave you with the video that lets you listen to all the noise he is making.

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