Tire Store Crows

Today I spent a few hours waiting for a slow leaking tire to be fixed.  Turned out I had gotten my 3rd screw in this same tire – my driver rear.

While I waited I got an Earl Grey Tea & Banana Bread from Starbucks.  Then I went off to the side of the tire folks parking lot & enjoyed my little mid morning treat. No more tables at Starbucks or a waiting room at Discount due to the virus required roughing it.

Right away a scrawny molting young crow showed up. She landed on the chain link fence only 6 feet from where I was sitting on the curb. Guess she had had some good human interaction in her short life.

My new crow friend

You know what I did next!!  I gave her a bite of the nice sticky bread.  Gobble Gobble it was gone.

It was not that comfortable where I was sitting so I moved a few times.  The scrawny crow had friends now hanging out watching me. They weren’t much bigger but at least their neck feathers were still intact.

Tire Store Crows

This was back behind the store where they have storage containers. This was their main territory from the way they acted.

Storage Containers – lot of eats from people hanging out there – see my girl up there?
Hoping for more
Peeking at me between the fence and the storage unit

I got most of the bread finished and then fed my original hen the rest.

Good eats for this little crow
Didn’t miss a morsel

She thanked me (or at least I imagined she did) and then we all moved on.

Just a little serendipity moment in a crow’s and human’s day.

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