Begging Chickadee in the Forest

This Wednesday I decided to go back to Squak Mountain between Renton & Issaquah.  Along the trail I heard this little bird chirping repeatedly.  Sounded like he was in a bit of a panic with his voice so high pitched.  Then I saw him in the trees doing the baby fluff up and wing flapping beg dance.

Wow – This was a first for me. I have only seen crows and house sparrows in the city do this baby dance.  Here I was in the wilderness surrounded by pure silence except the bird calls and the occasional tree debris falling.

Had to be quick cause this little guy was fast. I got out my small pocket camera and tried several times before success. He was just faster than I was able to get a focus set on him.  Then I was super lucky as he came closer to me.  There I fired off two still photos and a video.

Baby Black Cap Chickadee crying for his parents.

None of these are to write home about nor brag about their photographic beauty.  However, they do capture this little guy in his desire for mom to feed him again & again.

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