Picnic for Crows

People are not the only ones who like to picnic! The Southern Lincoln Park Murder hangs out by the popular trail to the beach and the picnic area with lots of tables.   The crows are champions of finding easy treats left behind by the messy humans for their form of picnic bingo.

Picnic Time for the Crows

On my recent trip I came to this little grouping of tables and saw in the grass a pair crows.  One was obviously a baby from his pink lips and mouth. They both had their beaks agape and the baby was begging too.

We have a big can of picnicking to open here.  There are two behaviors happening in this grassy field of tables.

Grassy area around the picnic area.

The first is baby crows are persistent if not just plain irritating beggars. Here he is saying to his parent… FEED ME!!!

Baby up close begging and cooling off – see the tell tale pink mouth of a baby?
If I get close mom will you feed me?

Most of what they are doing is just trying to cool off.  It wasn’t that hot at 11 am when I found them.  I think it was in the low 70s but they were warmer from standing in the dry hot grass.

“I’m hot MOM!!”
“All you need to do is keep your mouth open and it will help cool you my child”

There you have it… a Picnic for Crows.  The crows did love the peanuts I fed them.  They may not have sipped Teddy Bear Tea but they did succeed in feeding their family.


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