Yarn Bombing for Good!!

At Kubota Garden (a City of Seattle Park) there is a hidden platform where many have become engaged or had other wonderful moments. Just a visit to this little place nestled under a large cedar tree and surrounded by bushes is a treat. Here are a few photos of the area around it.

Just a little trail that leads to a set of stairs
This red bridge is a magical place.

Earlier this year before the pandemic, I was wandering the grounds and came upon the space. The one thing that disturbed me was the carvings made into a lovely wood medallion on the platform fencing.  It was a blight to the eye.

Here is what it looked like.

Graffiti and carved names on park decoration

I had an inspiration and decided I would make a covering for this ugliness.

First check out this video so you can see how it looked before I did my art installation.

For months I have worked sporadically on a crochet yarn art piece.  I learned how to make three dimensional flowers plus visited the site to dress rehearsal my base piece.

Today was the day of installation. Check out my gonzo art project that improves the atmosphere of this wonderful spot.

First sight of the Yarn Bomb
Tada!!! Here is some flower power!!
Back side of my art project if you are peeking through the bushes

I leave you with a little video. If you live in Seattle and want to visit I can give you directions.


  1. Good for you. I wonder why people destroy something that’s for everyone. I visited Indian drawings on stone in Utah which people damaged by carving their initials alongside drawings that had lasted for centuries. Maybe in a few more centuries people will loot at both as history and with appreciation. But not me now.

  2. Oh…. it is a mystery what people are thinking, I could go on & on but this was my little way of saying …not in our house.

    Now that I did this one I am thinking about where I can do another one.

    Thanx for the kind words!!! We have to keep up the good work & overcome the bad things we see.

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