Crow Baby Fun times Three

A side benefit of my working outside this week was the mass release of baby crows from their nests. Behind us our resident pair George & Gracie have one child who is very vocal. His nest is in a big waddie of fir trees that have a dense area for him to play. Here is my only video of him so far due to his hiding out.

Across the street to my surprise was another nest. That must be Ozzie & Harriett.  I realized we had two pairs when I put out some tasty meat scraps.  I saw all four of them arrive and get a snack.  Odd that they had their nests so close.  I suspect they are related. Plus our neighbor’s girls on that side of the street have been feeding them which makes it a good nest spot.

My first glimpse of their baby was on the ground. He seems a bit independent in the top feature photo with his experimental grass pulling. A little play and food hunting all in one gesture. I was glad when he got lift and flew to a roof near by.

However, Ozzie & Harriett have a problem!!  They had not just this one but had triplets. Earlier in the week I saw them dancing across the fir trees behind my neighbors houses. I thought there were three but it can be hard to tell unless you see the entire family.

Yesterday I found out for sure that we had triplets. They were all in a snag maple tree that gave me a great opportunity to photograph them together.  When I inspected the photos, to my delight you will see they are all babies.

They are in different places of development. The eldest seems to act less baby like and the youngest is a huge whiner.  Then we have the middle child.  In the pictures below the top one is the oldest and hence he does not really act like the youngest who is in the middle and then there is the bottom baby that is the middle child.  I have named them Big Brother, Whiner and Baby Middle.

Triple Crows – OMG poor Parents!!

Now a little closer so you can see their puffy pink lips and blue eyes.

Crow Babies All in a Row

Then the whiner starts crying and mom appears with FOOD!!!

Mom creates a Melee in the Triplet Crow’s World

You can’t really see how crazy it is in a still photo.

Don’t go just yet.  Baby crows feathers need a lot of work. Those feathers come out with a waxy coating that needs to be cleaned up.  They are at the stage where preening and stretching is required.  They can’t fly very well but with stronger limbs and fluffy feathers they will get better.

Big Brother stretches his wing in preparation of a flight to the next tree.

Lastly a whole lot of preening in this short video.

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