Flotilla of Baby Ducklings

Low tide on Puget Sound made for a great walk on Memorial Day. It was quiet and I saw more wildlife than humans.  Guess the rain kept most folks inside or my little stretch of beach is just not others cup of tea.  Made me happy because I did not have to pull up my buff/mask but once.

Baby birds especially ducklings are a heart tugger. This big flotilla of them caught my eye not only because of their ducky cuteness but also the number of them.

I can counted twelve in this brood plus their momma feeding in the salt water grass, seaweed and nutrient rich sound soup. Research tells us that a dozen is just about the limit of duck clutches.  Imagine tending a dozen little floating rascals.

This mother seems to have taught her children well. They were floating perfectly on the waves coming in and many were feeding just like her.

Lunch time for Ducklings and their mom.

I took a great little video so you can see the actual interaction they are having with each other and their world… the water.  Also caught the mom stretch out on a heap of grass.  Not sure if she was resting or eyeballing the water for a tasty treat.

Mom with ducklings on Puget Sound

Enjoy the little video!!


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