The Beach, the Creek & a Murder of Crows

Down by Puget Sound it was super low tide.  It called me to walk along the shore a couple of miles to where Salmon Creek flows into the sound.

Salmon Creek at Low Tide on the beach

This creek is no slouch and it cuts quite a course across the sandy beach.  To give you a feel here is a little video of it bubbling along.  Please ignore (or mute) the sound on this – the wind was really blowing.

To my delight and sort of as I expected the crows loved the creek on the beach.  They love to bath, drink and play in its babbling waters.

It is a family affair just like us humans. They congregate together and have a good time in the sun & surf.

Murder of Crows having a family outing at the beach

And a bit closer view of the frolicking.

Does not get better than A beach and one’s family

Still photos don’t really do this fun justice.  I took a bit of video and here is this same family in action.

While all this crow fun was going on I was drawn to the grandeur of the day. It included crystal blue water and sky plus a bonus of the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Back to the crows and the creek. They are just so free and goofy as they bath in the creek.

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I was sitting up next to where the creek came out between two large houses.  Not far away was this group of crows having a lot of interaction. I suspect it was not all fun but also included pecking order behavior.

Now there you have The Beach, the Creek & a Murder of Crows.

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