Singing Challenge

It was a day for little birds at Fauntleroy Park. On my heading out of the woods I heard and saw this little Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrow sunning & singing!

He is singing with other birds in a spring challenge of who is the best. Perhaps it is a call of mates or who can sing the best for the girls.

What I like the most is this short video he sat for and gave us an American Idol quality audition.  Listen carefully and you can hear how he has adapted his call to make it his own with the same ending each time.  That is the sparrow spring life!!


  1. I love Song sparrows – the video is great…I’m listening to one out the window right now! And I’ve been listening to them for decades…they were favorites when I lived in NY, too. 🙂 (I got here after noticing a comment you made about trees on another blog). 🙂

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