Gracefully Aging Trilliums

The trilliums are slowly turning from pure white to a mauve purple color. At this point in their bloom they resemble an orchid to me.

Here is one on the trail to the cedar grove.  If you go back to my other posts on these native flowers of the Pacific Northwest, you will find this trillium in her virginal white stage.

Three leaves times two and three purple petals.
Get a little bit close to her beauty

Wandering over to the patch I have followed for many years I found these two flowers nearing the end.

Fading trillium at the Patch.
Time is running out for this lovely.

Last we must check on the trillium bloom that I call the bouquet since they look like they are in a vase.  The salmon berry they are under has engulfed them and they are turning the most lovely pinky purple color.

A forest treasure!!


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