The Beauty of LoLa & Batgurrl Update

How about a combo post today?

First – I want to let you know that Batgurrl is not going to be posting very frequently in the next week or so.  I am going to take my face mask sewing to a new level.

This last week I had some left over masks and advertised on Nextdoor Neighbor my free masks. OMG what a need is out there.  So, with some help from others I am distributing an producing homemade masks in the neighborhood.

Needless to say, I am going to be pretty busy for a bit. So hang in there and I assure you I will be back about the time my local crow pair Ozzie & Harriet’s new babies fledge.

Now to today’s subject… My Japanese Red Maple tree LoLa.  Yes we have named her because she is so special to us. She sits right in front of our main front room window.

LoLa dominates the Front of our House

One cannot look out from the living room without being awed by her spring glory. The last week or so she started to unfurl her lacy leaves that shields us from the street and the setting sun.

Last Week – LoLa just starting to blaze her red leaves

The picture above you can see how she is just starting to open. Brilliant huh?  But she gets better. Last night the setting sun set her aglow.

LoLa and the Sun’s glow

Little history on LoLa. When I bought my house in the 1980’s there was a red leaf maple tree in this same spot. It was so overgrown along with a hedge. This first tree was a mature maple and a major thing for our house.  As the years went by we cleaned the yard but this sturdy maple was still the focal point.

Then in the 2006 we had the terrible Hanukkah Eve windstorm. Not long after that we noticed our tree was cracked.  Despite doing things to try and heal the crack he finally succumbed and we had to replace him.

That is when LoLa came home with us. The two of us could barely get her from the truck to the site but we did it.  Wow are we so lucky to have her lovely branches and leaves shading our front window for over a decade.

Bless all the trees and flowers for all the joy they bring us.  Stay safe everyone & do enjoy the simple things in life as spring bubbles up in front of us.


One comment

  1. Good for you! It’s people such as yourself that make us all feel proud. Thank you. And the Japanese maple is lovely.

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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