Tulips – the Gift that Keeps on GIVING

Happy Easter!!  How about Spring Bulbs to make your holiday brighter.

More just keep popping open. First it was the reds, then the pinks & whites and now the yellows.

Yellow tulips surrounded by Grape Hyacinths.

Then we have the bunch in my back garden with all three together.  Wow, never could have imagined last fall how good that hole full of dirty bulbs would look.

Pile of Tulips

And a view from above – check out how the insides look.

Tulips do have pretty interiors.

At last the daffodils are starting to fade. Check out this pair which are still pretty even dried out.

Daffys drying out on the stem

Lastly, here they are with the blue background of grape hyacinths that are in full swing and blue bells just starting.



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