My Trillium Patches Annual Census

I have two patches of Trilliums I have visited annually for 9 years. Both of these groupings are in Fauntleroy Park which over the years I have shared things like baby hawks, owls and the vegetation’s seasonal changes. Lots to see in this wildish place in West Seattle that is preserved around a creek ravine.

First I have the big patch and then down the trail is what I call the bouquet because of how it looks like it is in a vase.  The pictures below start with my recent visit on April 3, 2020 and go through each year to April 15, 2012.

Trillium Patch – 4/3/2020
Trillium Patch – 3/31/2019
Trillium Patch 4/1/2018
Trillium Patch – 4/2/2017


Trillium Patch - 3/20/16
Trillium Patch – 3/20/2016
Trillium Patch - 3/15/15
Trillium Patch – 3/15/2015
Trillium Patch - 3/23/14
Trillium Patch – 3/23/2014
Trillium Patch - 3/31/13
Trillium Patch – 3/31/2013
Trillium Patch - 4/15/12
Trillium Patch – 4/15/2012

Moving onto the Bouquet here is a little teaser of them early in the season of 2017. I think they look like Rhubarb stalks here.

Trillium Stalks glowing red-pink in the spring light

The bouquet has similar history with the following pictures through the years.

Trillium Bouquet 4/3/2020
Trillium bouquet  3/31/2019
Trillium Bouquet 4/1/2018
Trillium Bouquet 4/2/2017
Trillium Bouquet - 3/20/16
Trillium Bouquet – 3/20/2016
Trillium Bouquet - 3/15/15
Trillium Bouquet – 3/15/2015
Trillium Bouquet - 3/23/14
Trillium Bouquet – 3/23/2014
Trillium Bouquet - 3/31/13
Trillium Bouquet – 3/31/2013
Trillium Bouquet 4/15/12
Trillium Bouquet 4/15/2012

This link is a prior year’s post around these two patches.  It has more information around this flower and how one should never pick them. Hunt for Trilliums

Back in 2013 I did a video about stalking the trillium.  It shows what the forest looks like around the patch.

Reviewing these photos and how the patch looks today, it is apparent that weather and perhaps people have reduced it’s lushness.  Plus the few flowers growing on the opposite of the trail are no longer there. They have been trampled since this park has more foot and dog traffic. Still nothing like big Seattle Parks.  Years ago my visits were like being in the wilderness but still in the city.  Hope you enjoy this bit of lushness in the Pacific Northwest spring forest.

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