Fauntleroy Creek Bird Bath – Great Blue Heron Visits

Surprise!!  At the Crow Bath where Fauntleroy Creek enters the beach on Puget Sound I ran into this heron. My goal this visit was to see if the creek bed clean up had finally been again commandeered by the local crow murder. At first the Heron quickly moved as I came from under the ferry dock.  Startled him since I did not know he was there.

Crow Bath as creek enters beach at Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Creek’s Crow Bath is between the driftwood and the grass in this photo.

At the north end a large pool had formed and there I found this huge heron and two ducks hanging out.

Mallard Duck pair found the pool at the beach aka Crow Bath

I realized the crows fluffing their feathers down the beach had already done their daily routine. In the near future I am going to publish a post about their preening. Here is a teaser photo.

Crows love to be clean

The heron let me take quite a few pictures and video of him.  This was after he walked down the creek and tried to hide from me in the driftwood.  No No…  he was not going to get away from me.  So, I snuck up quietly and starting snapping pictures of this shy giant.

Great Blue Heron trying to hide from me

This is where a zoom camera is wonderful.  That is how I got the photo of his beard and chest feathers at the top of this post.  How about more?

Check out his back feathers that look like leaves. This is the best!!
A closer look at how he is eyeballing me.
Heron giving me the stare down
Eye to Eye – check out his feather crown

Then he got tired of me and moved up onto the logs.  From there he casually walked back down the creek to where he was when I arrived upon the scene.  This video will give you a great view of this large heron.  Cornell Labs estimates they are around 38″ to 54″ tall with a wing span of 66″ to 72″.  Keep that in mind as you watch and don’t miss the two ducks as good reference points.


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