My Garden awaits the Newborn Tulips

Just a tiny bitty update on where the garden is today. As you can see our backyard floating garden is still full of flowers.  Plus we mowed he lawn and treated it for moss which is the bane of Pacific Northwest gardeners.

The daffodils have been joined by a patch of grape hyacinths.  These pretty purple mini flowers are so pretty but I work hard to keep them in check. They are pushy guys and can be invasive if left to their own devices.

The stars of the garden are working closer to popping open.  Those newborns are this years bulbs I planted last fall. Tulips don’t always come back year after year like the daffys and other bulbs.  They tend to peter out, so I got a few new ones.

Tulips biding their time to shine bright red.

Here is a shot of one bunch of those newbies for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

The bud pod is cracking for a sneak peek of what is to come.
Spring dew is watering the future blooms. Check out the photo bombing grape hyacinth in the background.

Stay safe and be kind to each other.


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