Anna’s Hummingbird calling his Friends

When I got down to the pond (actually a storm water retention pond) my back was aching.  So, I laid in the sun on the little bridge over the drainage ditch. Funny how life has slowed down and that seemed just OK with no where else to go in a hurry.

Then I heard a little voice. It was a humming bird clicking and squeaking.  I opened my eyes and he was right over me.  You see I had a red scarf on and I think he was checking me out.  Could be a big flower he needed to sip upon.  Instead he delighted me by hovering over to the side doing his best helicopter imitation.

Then he was gone.

A bit later I heard the Red Wing Blackbirds calling and feeling better decided to wander around the pond in search of them.

Right off I found my little Anna’s Hummingbird in the willow tree buds.

My buddy the Hummingbird

How about a live action video so you can hear his chirping and clicking call.  Enjoy!!!

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