Heron – Real or Sculpture?

Took a trip to the local pond which is actually a retention area for storm water overflow.  It is a place that over the years Red Wing Blackbirds have nested.  My goal was to find those lovely birds that the males are pitch black except a big red patch on their wings.  The girls are a drab brown and blend into the cat tails making them harder to find.

Alas, I did not find them right away so I just hung out in the sun. Then I heard their call. It is like a lovely wind chime sound so I started circling the pond in search of my prey.

You will see a post soon about the hummingbirds I ran into as I circled but the highlight of the trip is the Blue Heron.

Here I was on the back side of the area. It is mostly tall dry grass including cat tails and other winter marsh shrubs. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that did not belong there.  It was grey so it stuck out!

To my delight it was a Heron.  I took a good look at him in my binoculars and thought who put a sculpture in the pond.  No kidding here. He looked too perfect and stone still.

Fake or Real? What you think?

Let us get a little closer to determine what is going on. He is hunkered down which is not how you usually see this big legged bird.

At this point still wondering if he was real.
Closer still to the stone still bird

I swear he did not even blink as I watched for several minutes. And that patch on his side looked so perfect it could not be real. I was thinking he looked like a big grey penguin.

Then after many minutes he swiveled his head listening to the sounds of the pond.   He is the real deal!


At that point I heard the call of the Red Wing Blackbird again. Decided I would hustle the rest of the way around the pond to fulfill my original mission.

Back where I started on the other side of the pond, I scored a couple shots of Mr Blackbird.

Red Wing Blackbird just visible in the cat tails.

He was busy calling to the girls and the above shot does not do his red wing patch justice.  But I got lucky and got this next lovely shot…. Score!!

Check out his girl magnet red wing patch!!
Spring coat for Mr Red-Wing Blackbird

I am going to pivot back to the Heron.  It was a cold but clear day with a brisk wind. My best guess is he was hunkered down to rest and stay warm.  Nice sunny place in the pond rushes was a perfect place for a nap with his eyes wide open.

Leave you with a small slide show of what he looked like from the opposite side of the pond.  I originally saw him over by the house in one of these pictures.  It gives you a better idea of what this oasis in the middle of the city looks like.  Thanx for watching!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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