Camellias in the Pink

Let us pull back the camellia curtain above and get some flower power today.

These delicate but bright early bloomers were prevalent at Kubota Gardens. Here are a few photos to give you a little spring joy.

Up high over the magic chair was this bud

What I love about this bud is the foliage around it.  See how the serrated edge is sparkling & glowing from the sunlight?  I thought it was dew in the camera viewer.

Lastly… these flowers are so perishable. They do not last long and if it rains then they drop very quickly. This flower pair are both on the ground show different levels of decay. Grab spring while you can, it is changing quickly.  Summer will be here before we know it.

Varying shades of pink on these dropped camellias.


  1. You are so welcome – I just keep wandering off path in the local parks staying away from others and see what I find!!! The curtain of camellias.

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