Kubota Gardens Waterfall Soothes the Soul

Listen deeply to the babble of this waterfall. We need these moments of nature more than ever with COVID-19 looming over us.  Take a deep breath and banish the outside world for a few moments today!

Now that you have inhaled some peace here are a few more views around this upper waterfall.

First here is what one sees from this elevated spot.  It was perfect for eating my lunch and getting more than just fresh air.

This distant red bridge is named Heart Bridge. Named after a bridge in Mr Kubota’s home of Shidoku, Japan
The view of the area south of the Heart Bridge.
Pond between the Heart & Moon Bridges. There was a duck there quacking while I ate lunch

When you approach the upper waterfall you cross the water’s path over these stones.

The water path to our Soothing Waterfall

This area is called the Mountainside. It was built by the Kubota family in 1962 to commemorate the Seattle Worlds Fair. The rock came from North Bend.

Here is a view of the path up to the top of the falls.  This area has a lot of little winding trails just like you were in the mountains.

Path of stone steps

One last shot of the falls. This one is from down lower and a little girl had scrambled up the side of the falls.  Gives you some perspective on the size of this lovely place.

The mountainside waterfall in all her glory

Hope you gained some peace and calmness from our crazy world.


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