My Garden Awakes – Excitement Mounts

Spring is still about three weeks away but my garden does not know that. Excitement is in the earth with more flashiness evolving.  Come along for a three day worth of updates.

The Tall-Regular Daffodils are really getting fat with luscious yet to be seen yellow petals.  Check out the slide show of their development over the last couple of weeks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving right along to some other big stars we have been watching.  Our baby Daffys are like the energizer bunny. They just keep going & going.

Baby Daffys yesterday March 2nd

Do you see any wilt yet? I could not yesterday or today. Here is another clump of them with that dewy glisten.

Today’s Minis looking all dewey (3/3/20)

I think this bouquet is starting to degrade but maybe just the illusion from all the droplets on them.

That late crocus is our purple wonder surrounded by baby hyacinths.  Purple is the theme with these guys.

Late bloomer on March 1st (two days ago)

Plus a close up of his two little buddies just stating to get blue or is it periwinkle

Grape Hyacinths – these are a legacy plant in my garden

Those little Hyacinths can be on the verge of invasive so I work them over each year so I don’t have a whole flower bed of them.

Sadly the crocus collapsed under the weight of it’s own petals and the dew today.  Here he is. They do go so quickly as we saw earlier.

Crocus only lasted a couple of days – but check out the Hyacinths peeking out all over.

Swinging back to the Daffys now let us finish up with the bloomers. They are not the usual yellow but white with yellow centers. Got these years ago and they seem to be long term keepers.

The white daffys started yesterday to open (3/2/20)

Today things really started moving along.

Buds just peaking out behind tall feature daffys
The first white daffy from yesterday is more open!!
White Daffy sunny face for your enjoyment!!


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