My Garden Awakes – Daffodils & Crocus – Feb 27th

Three days does make a difference so check out how the tall daffys are now getting closer to their opening event!!

Not only can you see it in the photo at the top but check out a close up of how the tallest of our feature clump has bent sideways and now you can see the petals inside.

The regular size Daffodils are getting plumper and even turned to bloom.

The minis are still trucking on!  Check them out.  They have some staying power.

The big picture of the mini Daffys.  See tiny specks of purple crocus petals still there too.


Nothing like little Lisa Simpson heads to make you smile.

A new entrant in the Garden Awaking!!  This little bunch of wild white violets are now blooming. I saved them from under our jasmine bush last year.  Put them in this pot which was sitting against a fence all winter. I moved her out into more sun and bam!! she bloomed.

Wild violets are perked up and blooming too.

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