My Garden Awakes – Daffodils & Crocus – Feb 21st

The frosty mornings have stopped & that means rain is coming.   But today was glorious blue skies.

The crocus are getting fewer and fewer. Remember the one I pointed out yesterday that was hiding in other foliage?  Well that one was all petals this morning.  I am beginning to think it is just how fast they fall apart vs the squirrel attack theory.

Check him out!!

Only one day and this purple baby is all on the ground now.

The daffys are still chugging along. As you can see from the very top photo the big boys are continuing to get taller and plumper. If you go back a few days you can also see how they are more yellow too.

The baby ones were really looking good this morning. Even the ones I stepped on.

The usual view angle showing how they are just blooming their hearts out.

This next one is from a new angle so you can see their faces instead of their backs.

Pretty Mini Daffodil Faces

I am going to leave you with some mystery plants. I dug these up where an older building was torn down. It had once been a grocery story but that was long ago. It was converted into a church for many years. Now they are going to build a small condo building.

When I walked down the alley next to the old building I always admired the Crocosmia which are these flaming orange bell like flowers.  I was a bit late getting the roots/corms (bulbs) dug up. I got to the building last fall and it was not easy picking. So, I grabbed what I thought was them.

Then I got home and they didn’t look the same as the ones I already have in my yard.  Instead of planting them with my existing row I decided to put them somewhere else just in case they are stinky daisies. They also grew along that side. YIKES!!

So.. here they are coming up.  Still not sure what they are – maybe someone out there will know!!

Unknown Plants in my garden – are they Shasta Daisies

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