My Garden Awakes – Daffodils & Crocus – Feb 19th

Its another frosty morning in Seattle. Yesterday it was so lovely in the afternoon  I did a bit of weeding in the garden we have been watching awake from winter slumber.

The regular daffodils in the photo above seem to be in a holding pattern with the coldness’s return. I can’t see any measurable change to them since yesterday.  Can you?

The “Others” do have noticeable change.

Let us start with the mini daffys. The cold has not been kind to them nor has the fact that I pushed them down in my weeding daze.  YIKES!!  Of all the flowers to get into I did it to some we are following.

Mini Daffodils – frost & the weeding oaf have impacted them

The crocus I think have come to the end of their cycle. Perhaps a bit pushed along by these frosty mornings.  Check out how extensive that frost was.

Purple Crocus petals frozen in the garden

Taking up the rear are the tulips. They are just making an appearance and know they should take their time. Check out the lone crocus who was shielded a bit from the frost by this wad of tulips.

Tulips guarding one of the last standing Crocus from the frost


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