My Garden Awakes – Daffodils & Crocus – Feb 18th

We had a bit of frost this morning with brilliant sun.  Everything is sparkling from this moisture.

The crocus are sure getting the worst of the cold or maybe they are just coming to the end of their short bloom cycle.

New & Old Crocus Blooms

Check out the frost on the oregano plant.  Plus the popped white & purple pedals are still like new preserved in the cold.

The daffys are plunking along. The top photo of the regular size show that the buds are getting more color.  Of course the tinge of color from the morning rays makes them glow a bit.  I thought at first the squirrels had eaten some of the buds but comparing to prior days it was just an illusion.

The baby daffodils are still around but starting to sag from their weight.  Maybe the moisture from the frost is pushing them downward too.

Miniature Daffodils continue to open up but getting heavy headed


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