Crow Brothers at Arms versus the Eagle

I am not sure which of these species is the star of this little photo shoot. Is it the brave crow brothers telling the eagle he is not wanted here? Or is it the story of a juvenile bald eagle just finding his way in the world?

I am torn since both birds are widely loved and admired and disliked.  Taking sides is like betting on your favorite sport team.  I will leave it to you to decide.

The picture above of the eagle shows this youngster hanging out in the winter wind. He is perched in a snag tree that adult eagles favor.  Perhaps his parents are the ones I spotted there last fall. He might be returning to his only home or a roaming teenager looking for a place to call his own.

It is not likely he will win the battle for this piece of the Puget Sound coastline. It has long been staked out by older eagles. They will not think kindly of this one or two year old child interloping on their territories.

The reason I call him a youngster is his lack of white head and tail. The process to adult plumage in bald eagles takes about 5 years.

Young Eagle hanging out on a windy but sunny day on Puget Sound

Add to his challenges of growing up is a crow murder that lives here at Lincoln Park. He is lucky only the brothers have found him. If it was later in the year during nesting season, not only would he be harassed by his own kind, but also a crow mob of larger proportions.

Brothers Crow break up Mr Eagle’s peaceful perch

For me I had a grand time this sunny Sunday winter day.  Many like me had come out to enjoy a reprieve from rain and dark skies. Since I was walking around with binoculars and camera in hand many asked me what I was seeing.  Then they too saw this interlude that they might have otherwise missed.

My favorite thing to do is to hand them my binoculars and watch their face as they see a bit of wildlife up close. Their gratitude for talking to them and showing them is very fulfilling.

I share with you now a video of the air show our brothers crow performed.

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