Caramel Crow Video – Round Two

I have been on the hunt for the caramel crow this week since seeing her on Friday.  Here is the link to that sighting.  Caramel Crow – Round One 

As I walked the streets and trails around the area and where I saw crows flocking I talked to quite a few folks. Many said they had seen her & a few said there are two.  I am not 100% sure the one I saw today is the same.  It could be because when you look at these photos you can see how white or cream colored her back is.  The first encounter when she flew off I could see all that white.

She seems to be more like a Siamese cat than brown all over. That is a black/dark brown head with a white body.  See what you think in this photo.

Caramel/Siamese Crow

One last thing before you watch my short video. This crow is very shy and both times flew away as soon as I got a step closer.  I have to assume many people and children have tried to see her or even catch her.  Will have to use a few peanuts to win her respect.

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