There is a Waterfall in My City

Whenever you search for waterfalls in Seattle you get a list hikes that are up in the foothills and mountains.  No one mentions that at times there are a few smaller versions when we get a downpour.  This waterfall chaser found just such a little gem this weekend.

It is on a normal day a blah drainage ditch type stream that flows across Lincoln Park in West Seattle. She comes to a bluff that overlooks the Puget Sound and drains down a rock strewn slope. I suspect this was man built by the 1930’s W.P.A. (Works Projects Administration) in an effort to protect their other work.

They built quite a bit of Lincoln Park’s features from the rock wall along the beach to the covered picnic areas.  This includes the covered spot with a fireplace right below my waterfall. A grand sidewalk winds down the bluff – it has two sides; one heads north and the other south. Below the twin cement paths is a restroom and the fireplace shelter. Hence their desire to control run-off.

The north side is where our waterfall exists.  So, enough said.  Here are the photos and video you crave of a city waterfall.

Starting at the top of the bluff here is a cell photo of the water flooding over the muddy path and roaring down the chute. This is a bit of a hidden area above the developed area I describe above.

Lincoln Park stream gushing over path & heading to the beach

Next is a video I took from my cell phone from the top looking downward to the beach and posted on my Instagram account.

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Lincoln Park has a Waterfall – Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

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I then walked over to the north cement path.  As soon as I got around the curve this is what I saw – water gushing over the walkway here too.

Overflow from waterfall after heavy downpour

Love this view since the path has a little archway built into the foliage.  A window onto the beach. I got closer and here is a series of photos on our gusher.

Waterfall skipping drain in walkway

Shortly after I got to this area a park employee came by. He pried open the grate where the water hits the curb on the left and dug into it.

Follow the water down a staircase.  
Off to the Puget Sound this rush of water heads

The roof you see is that covered shelter with the WPA built fireplace.  Look close and you can see the ripples of water on the stairs center photo.

Turning back to the rock strewn water’s path & here is what you can see – A full bloom waterfall.

Waterfall in Seattle proper!!

And since we all love to see and hear water flowing over rocks creating that soothing sound, here is a video.  ENJOY!!

Note: you will hear me talking at the end of the video.  I am responding to the Lincoln Park Guy working on the drainage grate.  The waterfall is so loud you don’t hear him talking to me.


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