Caramel Crow Encounter

Yesterday I went to Lincoln Park in the rain.  Saw a lot of cool things that one does not see on pretty sunny day.  One thing stood out & of course I got only one shot at a photo.

Here is what I am pretty sure is a leucistic crow or more sexy term is “caramel crow”. Not an albino crow since he is not 100% white or cream.

After reading this blog post by Kaeli Swift, (professor & expert on crows) it is not quite as simple as one would think.  She even has a photo of Alice in the Rabbit Hole.  Check it out if you are thirsty to learn more –  CorvidResearch

The photo is not perfect but when he took off I could see white feathers.  You bet I will go back to the park & search for this guy.

Leave you with the question below…  thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

Caramel Crow? Or just Mud Crow?

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