Dining Eagle on Fishy Yum

I went to the beach today during a sunny lull in the snow. It was brisk but really lovely with a low tide that revealed how the beach was scoured from stormy high tides. Made it to the end of the beach and was hanging out.

Then I heard the crows raising a ruckus, which is always a good sign of some excitement up on the cliff trees.  I was right because a big white head stood out like a blazing sun. It was an amazing adult bald eagle. It got better since he was feasting on a fish.  Oh Yum!!

Eagle giving crows the Look

He was hanging out on a bleached white madrona tree limb. Perfect place to keep watch on the world while he snacked.

How about we get a little closer to our fabulous bald eagle?

Proud owner of a good Fish

Did you see the fish’s backbone? This eagle has been here a while eating some white fish he caught. If the crows had not been hoping for a stolen bite I would have missed him up there on the steep bank.

Let us zero in on his talons. They are nothing to mess with.

Talons holding tight to Fish Bones & Guts

Check out how he works the remnants of the fish to get the last morsels.  At the end you can see how the bones just fall away.  Pretty much all done.

One last shot of this symbol of our country enjoying his catch of the day.

Fishy Yum Dining with Mr. Eagle.

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