Beach Phenomena

Late November all bundled up for wind and cold weather I trekked down to my local beach. Nature presented a few unusual phenomena that we humans often miss. It was a domed incoming high tide and remnants of summer clinging to past glories.

The tide got my attention because Puget Sound looks like it is a mound of water. You ask what does that mean? One imagines that bodies of water should be flat like a calm lake on a breezeless day. As the tide rushes into the sound from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean this phenomenon causes the water to bulge.  Check out these photos to see if they help you imagine this.

Puget Sound as high tide rushes in – distant shot

Now we will get a little more zoomed into the water.

Can you see the bulge now?

Those waves are pushing south toward Tacoma & Olympia the towns on the southern end of the sound. This next shot gives you an even closer look.

Now we have waves and a high domed appearance to Puget Sound

As often in photography it is hard to capture something that is more all encompassing instead of a single little shot of the occurrence. Hope you were able to add a bit of imagination and get the special moment.

Next on this same day I encountered two flowering bushes hanging onto summer on this late fall day. They are not winter bloomers like the camellia I found a week or two ago but rather summer wild flowers not giving up to winter yet.

High on the trail was this pink little thing. It looks a bit scraggly clinging to the edge of the trail.

Late Fall bloomer on the Ocean View Beach Trail

This bush even has a few buds holding out to open but I wonder if there is enough time for that?

A little bit closer to pink

Our pink flower child is beginning to look a bit ragged in the above photo. Have to admire her resilience in the cooler weather.

How rugged but delicate I am?

The zoomed in view makes one even more astounded at this late fall flower’s glorious moment.

Pink Flower combats the fall brown, yellow and red theme.

I am going to leave you with the orange California poppy that is in the very top photo of the post. Just like Pinky, he is also holding onto the summer that is now long gone.

Summer of 2019 is not quite ready to go into history

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