Reflections of Fall

Kubota Gardens has a couple of ponds that give us this most fantastic double vision of fall.

We will start with the Moon Bridge. The guide says “symbolizes the difficulty of living a good life – hard to walk up and hard to walk down”.  This captures the bridge and it’s reflection.  Can’t get better than this.

Moon Bridge double vision

On the other side of the larger pond I found this lovely rock outcropping. From there I got this angle of the bridge.

Bridge reflection – the red shines brightly

Just to give you another perspective – how about this shot?

Which way is up?

Yup – this one is upside down. The reflection pond is on top but it isn’t 100% obvious is it?

Next check out this view…

See the face at the top?

When I reviewed my photos on the computer this one just grabbed me. It has the real bridge on the right with the reflection pond on the left. In the middle is a kaleidoscope type sensation. I think the top area looks like a dragon face. What do you think?

What really got my attention when I went to this little overview was the reddish pink tree on the hill reflecting in the pond. Below is a little video of the pond reflection.  The still photo is an illusion and hard to tell what you are seeing. The video gives it so much more dimension. Try it you will like it.  I played it over & over for a calm moment.

Here is the whole deal with the reality on top and the illusion at the bottom of the picture.

Fall Foliage’s Reflection

Check out the beauty of just the reflection.

Reflection of Fall

How about I leave you with the world upside down?

Fall looking thru the looking glass

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