Stellar Silhouette

Wandering through my favorite park in West Seattle I heard some larger birds making a ruckus. I could see them through the treetops flipping around sometimes in pairs and other times just single birds. As any bird watching can go, I had to change position to get a better view and figure out what kind of birds these were.

Their size was enticing in that they were crow size but not black enough. That means they might be a woodpecker or if I was in luck a hawk. Ruled out an eagle since they were just not that big.

Down by a bridge and boardwalk over Fauntleroy Creek I finally got my binoculars on one of the birds. To my delight I saw a hawk. But that was all he would give me and he was gone before I could get my camera on him.  I kept searching the tree tops for more movement in hopes of getting that elusive photo.  Dreams that this would be one of the Cooper Hawk babies danced through my head.

Then I saw a bird in silhouette. Camera ready I got these shots and found I had captured a pair of Stellar Jays playing chase me catch me.

Here is the first culprit I got my eye on.

Jay way up in the trees

Notice how there is little color in these photos. Almost a perfect silhouette but if you look close his blue jay blue shines through.

Look close and you will see his blueness

Then he met up for his rendezvous and they flicked into a tree together.  They even posed for this family portrait.

Stellar Silhouette Time

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