Glow of Fall

After my encounter with the stellar jays I wandered down to my spot where there is a grove of vine maples. (link to the Stellar post) It is the time of year to enjoy their fall color change and a good photo could be in the making. It turns our I am a bit early for their blazing yellow-gold glory. However, the sun was playing peek-a-boo with them. This brought them into a back-light glow.

While wandering from photo spot to spot I kept encountering hummingbirds. First it was just one who eluded my camera and later nearer the creek a pair chasing each other.  That second sighting I was a millisecond too late to capture him. Nature was telling me to just enjoy the serendipity of the moment and a photo wasn’t needed.

Enjoy the GLOW!

Prior years brown leaf contrasts with the glowing green
Blackness of big Maple tree trunk shows off vine maples in their glory
I am just a leaf basking in the morning autumn sun
Reversed colors – dynamic green highlights the maple trees silhouette.


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