Terrible Twos

In our backyard is a small sideshow from two pairs of twins. One set are a pair of baby crows that their parents left in our yard to fend for themselves. Guess it is time for them to grow up and the parents know it is a safe place with some food and water sources. (see them on the fence in the title photo) The other pair are a pesky set of squirrels. Their mom, who we named Rudy, comes around still. We think she has no control over this pair and they are just running amok in fine squirrel form.

Hence we have the Terrible Twos!!

Crows always come before squirrels. Let me introduce you to this pair of little dickens. This first photo shows them on our fence with a good view of the covered patio where the bird feeder hangs. This area has heavy traffic in it’s covered space by birds, squirrels and other critters.

Crow Twin arrive to look for a snack in our backyard
A motley crew of baby crows
Would you name them Heckle and Jeckle? and which one is which?

As usual they are pretty tough to tell apart so here they are individually. Just a pair of baby crow twins trying to make it in the world without much parent help. Tough love is what the crows do or they will beg forever. This way they just have to figure it out.

This is the older of the two and tends to be more polite.
Here the youngest and goofiest of the twin pair.

One of the things they have figured out is how there is seed in the edge around our patio that is full of river rock. Above this is the bird feeder and lots of folks graze on the ground for the stuff that falls out.

The sly approach making sure no one will catch him.
Rocks have treasures under them!!

This little crow has learned quickly how to dig around in the rocks to get his dinner. Hope you enjoy this short video of his ingenious use of his beak to get to the goodies.

Next we will explore how the two twin pairs cross path. This happened when we threw out some old lunch meat for the crows to eat. Yes we are one of those folks who feed crows stuff. Not like some who do it every day in big piles.  Just do this when I have bad food that I think they will like… like lunch meat!!

What happened was the squirrels were curious about what was so exciting in the grass and one decided to investigate.

Squirrel and Crow worlds collide

To help you with how this meeting really went here is a video of the squirrel on the fence. He had better thoughts about half way down the fence post.  Kind of amazing how he clings to vertical wood.

The standoff continued up on the fence. Crows win in the end
Crow seeks snack in grass while twin looks on
Twin one gets his snack
Twin two wasn’t far behind

The squirrels don’t give up and decide a little rock rooting works for them too. They are not as good at moving rocks but they do get some tid bits out of the rock drainage area.

Rock Rooting is for Squirrels too
Twins share the seed bounty

Where the squirrels excel in bratiness is around a barrel we keep garden weeds and cuttings plus any vegetable scrapes from the kitchen. They have their favorite foods and will pass up several things like tomatos and peppers. However if there is avocado skins or chunks/seeds from squash then they are all over it even before we get up in the morning.

I’m just hanging out!! Nothing wrong here!
Waiting for more goodies to come to the barrel
Twin love around the barrel
Avocado skin licked clean
Hoping for some more goodness on skin!

I will leave you with a video of these two squirrels doing their dance.  Hope you enjoyed the Terrible Twos.

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