My Baby Dearest

Ahhh – a mother’s love for her baby. This crow family is no different than humans. They love their families and want only best for their kids.

Watch this mom clean up her whining baby. He wants a snack but mom wants to rid the little rascal of dirt and fluff his growing feathers.

This tale of crow family life began with my hearing the Momma, Momma Baby Crow Caw. Looking up I noticed them on the wire next to the Fauntleroy Preschool.

Mom and Baby hanging out on wire together

I found a good spot across the street. The edge of the sidewalk was lined with bamboo in a raised bed. I sat on the edge of that to get some stability for my photography and got this next shot zoomed in.

Just a little closer

Then I got into some serious zoomed shots and a short video. My favorite of the series is the one with mom’s open beak grooming and baby crying for food. Just a mom and her baby interacting!

With that I leave you with the photos and the video – enjoy this baby crow moment in the middle of your busy human life.

Cute Baby Crow Face – see the telltale poochy corner of his mouth
Baby dear let me cuddle you.
My favorite photo of mom loving baby up
Then they alerted to another crow’s warning of danger
Ah mom – will you knock it off – I am so embarrassed.
See Mom – I can do it myself!!




  1. Curious incident out our way: the local crows had reared new ones, and they were trying themselves out, A big baby one landed on out bedroom window ledge, Inside was a black toy animal. The youngster was trying to get the toy to feed him/her, through the glass.

    It’s what happens next, though, after the babying.
    They next have to find their own territories. And if they don’t, those loving parents quite fiercely chase them off. We got caught up in one of these fracas.
    The rest is how we ended up with Annie, our very sickly young crow. But that was 17 years ago. And she’s still here.

  2. Wow – that is super cool. Love the feeding the black toy & of course your 17 year old crow. Cause you adopted her she has lived about 10 years more than in the wild. Good for you!!

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